hullo hullo! my name is toki ^_^ i'm an 18 yr old uni student studying social sciences (sociology/polisci/gerontology) with a focus on thanatology / death / dying / necropolitics. i also love self-aware narratives and stories in general! i heart making original characters and have a lot of love for them (hence the danja e-shrine).

i'm queer and trans and i love being queer and trans! i have no specific label for my identity except those two :) my pronouns are they/them!

interests: critical analysis + societal analysis, public transportation, poetry, pathologic 2005, webmastery, fashion, horror, poetry, thanatology, entomology, art

fav music: mitski, iamx, radiohead, kiltro, lemon demon, arctic monkeys, glass animals, this cold night, war on women, g.l.o.s.s, james supercave, the front bottoms, crywank, car seat headrest, kraftwerk, depeche mode, cake

a majority of my resources come from gifcities.org, geocitiesblinkies.tumblr.com.